Monday, October 13, 2008


Life can get really tough at times...circumstances get so trivial that u feel like quitting everything and never moving forward....but if life goes straight it would be very dull and also not that would we realise our priorities and values if we havent been through testing situations.... the taste of success if we havent failed ever...happiness of being together if we havent ever been separated...
we all have a dark side.. but that doesnt mean we start being afraid of things....and behave like losers....for life is not about gaining and losing... its all about overcoming everything and never stop living.....come what may!


It is easier to run...
replacing this pain with something numb...
it is so much easier to go..
than to face all this here alone..
something has been taken from deep inside me..
treasure that i have kept locked away..
noone can ever see..
wounds so deep..they never show..
they never go away..
like moving pictures in my head..
for years and years they've played..
if i could change....i would..
take back pain .... i would..
retrace every wrong move i made..i would..
sometimes i remember the darkness that chases me..
bringing back memories.. i wish i never had...
sometimes i think of letting go..
and never move forward..
as if there was nothing wrong..
just washinsg aside all the helplessness inside..
pretending .. i dont feel misplaced..
is so much easier than change...........


Gaurav said...

Megha..She is a multi-talented person. She can write, she can sing, she can dance, she can play instruments. Knows different languages. A Doctor. Will be a Capt. But above all.. the best person one can ever meet.. An assset for lifetime..

Megha Gupta said...


and u are my asset babie!
and i miss u alot!


sonali said...

gaurav is right: megha is tooo good, multi talented. What a piece, loved it and was so practical and straight.

Megha Gupta said...


thanx babie...but gaurav praises me coz he s much more talented than me..
he himself is an amazing human being...

keep visiting..